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Decoding the Clubs - Where to dance

Simply Salsa at Taj:
Simply Salsa is a good way for determined nondancers to loosen up after work on Monday. With upscale Indian decor and Latin sounds from DJ Henry Knowles, this is a departure from the electronic and house scenes. And while there are definitely some expert dancers here, the joint holds salsa lessons every evening at 6:30pm to ease you into the sabor.

Taj Night Club on Paterson: "He Had a Good Time"

A little after 8 p.m. last night, Taj Lounge, the India-inspired bottle service nightclub on West 21st Street, located near Citrine and Duvet, posted the following about the party it was hosting last night on Twitter: "Don't let the rain stop you from missing 2nite's event! Trust me when I say attending 2nite will likely land you a spot on Page Six!" It seems the club was correct. It wasn't Page Six, exactly, but Gawker reported this morning that governor David Paterson was seen partying at the lounge last night.

The club's spokesperson, Elyse Williams, has confirmed to the Transom that Mr. Paterson was in fact present. "He was celebrating a birthday," she said. "He seemed like he really enjoyed himself. He had a good time." According to the rep, Mr. Paterson ordered some appetizers and sipped the club's specialty cocktails. According to the Twitter updates, Russell Simmons was there, too, as was Andre Harrell, former CEO of Motown records. Funkmaster Flex, the hip-hop DJ, was the special guest.

This also happens to be the same nightclub outside of which a VH1 reality star, named Tailor Made (don't ask us), once got into trouble with police after allegedly cursing out a police officer.

Taj Featured in Page Six!

At 6:30 on a June night, the floor of Taj, a nightclub on West 21st Street, is almost invisible under hundreds of boxy loafers and open-toe heels. They shuffle to the music—“Roxanne” by the Police—and coyly grow closer. Drinks flow, and a red light shines onto the sea of bankers and babes. This is Fashion Meets Finance, a widely mocked and highly attended party where rich men have come to date hot fashion-industry girls and hot fashion-industry girls have come to look for rich men.

Though this event was founded by a 26-year-old woman in corporate retail named Beth Newill, the man working the room as if he’s in charge is a mover and shaker named Jeremy Abelson, whom Beth brought on to promote the night. Tall, handsome Jeremy—who, weirdly, is the only guy in the room not breaking a sweat—is behind the most hyped dating setups in the city. His events have clear themes: Rich Guys & Hot Girls, Sugar Mamas & Boy Toys. “There are no more powerful things in our culture than wealth and sex,” says Jeremy, 28. “It’s a female’s best asset and a male’s best asset.” A pair of fashionably dressed and very orange girls walk by, pursued by a trio of men wearing somber suits, salmon-hued ties and lupine looks. Perhaps Jeremy has a point.

Daily News!

It's 1 a.m., do you know where your governor is?

The other night, the answer to that question was Taj on W. 21st St.

Instead of pressing the flesh with pols or cajoling constituents, Gov. Paterson was hanging with the hip-hop crowd and grooving to Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex, who was in the house. The sight of Paterson partying - without his wife - did not sit well with Brooklyn blogger Tionna Smalls, who snitched on the governor to Gawker.com.

"I don't want to put down my black brother, but come on, this is ridiculous," Smalls said. "He's the governor. You never see Bill Clinton hanging out at Marquee."